First Trimester

What to Expect the First Trimester

July 1, 2011

Or, what I experienced the first trimester.  Now that I’m approaching my third trimester (wow!) in three to four weeks, depending upon which source you read, it’s about time I published a post I drafted in the first trimester detailing all of the symptoms and emotions that I experienced.  Here is how I looked in […]

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The First Trimester and Fitness- My Experience

April 12, 2011

Hi friends!  Thank you so much for your congratulations and well wishes on the big news :D  We’re so excited! So, I haven’t really been posting consistently lately (though, do I ever?) for a few reasons, the first being that I had the big news to absorb/digest/spend all of my time thinking about and the […]

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A Sweet Surprise

April 10, 2011

On Super Bowl Sunday (February 6th, to be exact), the day started out like any other Sunday.  The night before I made a list of all the tasks I sought to accomplish- create a half-marathon training plan, run six miles, create a meal plan for the week and assemble some stuff to send to Brian […]

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