Scenes from the Weekend III- Meal Planning!

July 30, 2012

Good morning friends!  How was the weekend?  We had a quiet, productive weekend over here!  It started off on a delicious note- I was browsing pinterest and came across a roasted blueberry ricotta crostini recipe from two peas and their pod and decided I was going to make something similar for a pre-dinner snack.  I […]

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Playing Tourist- Cypress Gardens

July 25, 2012

Good morning friends!  How goes?  We have a fun day on tap, with some pool action and chilling with friends (and hopefully some nice naps in there- homegirl has been going through a serious nap strike!).  Good stuff! Recently Audrey and I had the opportunity to play tourist again :).  Remember the movie The Notebook? […]

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Scenes From the Weekend II

July 23, 2012

Good morning friends!  How was the weekend?  Audrey was up around five this morning to eat- after that I was wide awake so I’ve been heavy on the coffee this morning! We had a great weekend over here.  It was supposed to start with a workout with my friend Lily on Friday night.  However, Audrey […]

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What I Love About the South

July 18, 2012

Good morning friends! Until last August, New York was the only state that I’d ever lived in.  I grew up in the capital district, went to school in western New York and then worked in the capital district until I was 29.  While I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve only really been immersed in New York […]

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