Scenes From the Weekend IV- My New Training Plan!

August 15, 2012

Good morning friends!  Or should I say almost afternoon?  Time seems to be flying lately- it is already Wednesday!  Craziness.  I am just catching up from a fun-filled weekend.  The weekend started off on a delicious note with these flourless chocolate peanut butter cookies a la Kara.   These were so good and so easy […]

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Munchkin Meals- A Day of Eats!

August 9, 2012

Hello friends!  It’s that time of the week again- munchkin meals! This week I’m going to take you through what Audrey (10 monthsold) eats on a typical day.  Now that she is approaching a year (what?!), I’m venturing away from the purees and into traditional food.  With that being said, I’m still making fruit purees […]

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Taking a Road Trip with a Baby

August 7, 2012

Good morning friends!  How was the weekend?  Ours started out at the park- someone was a happy camper on the swings! Dude, I love the iPhone.  The camera on it has no delay so it is quick enough to capture all of her cute expressions This weekend also brought quite the adventure- a road trip! […]

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A Day in the Life with a Ten Month Old

August 2, 2012

Good morning friends!  The last time I did a day in the life post, Audrey was only 3.5 months old- so tiny!  Needless to say, a lot has changed since then!  Here is a typical day in our life 4:50 AM- wakeup call!  Audrey wakes up once a night to nurse, generally between 4-5:30 AM. […]

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